If you’re having problems with skin laxity, it’s likely you’ve heard about Ultherapy skin-tightening treatments at Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. and Aesthetic Center.

This unique technology is approved by the FDA for the treatment of loose facial skin, especially around the eyebrows, jawline, and even the neck.  With as little as two to three Ultherapy treatments, clients can expect to see tighter, more defined skin.

While Ultherapy is commonly used to treat skin laxity issues in the facial region, it can also treat another popular region: the décolletage.

While we tend to moisturize and take care of our facial skin, the skin on our lower neck and chest tend to be ignored.  That means constant sun damage, repeated movements, and the aging process can contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles.  A wrinkled décolletage can give away your real age, even if you’re taking care of the wrinkles on your face and neck.

Ultherapy helps combat wrinkling associated with skin laxity by using ultrasound energy to tighten the skin.  When applied to the décolletage or facial region, the ultrasound energy penetrates the dermis and causes the skin to contract.  As a result of this contracting, the body’s collagen production is stimulated, helping to create long-term collagen growth.

The end result?  Skin that looks smoother, appears younger, and is ready to be shown off in tiny tank tops and revealing dresses!

Don’t let a wrinkled décolletage or skin laxity issues stop you from looking or feeling your best. Contact Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. and Aesthetic Center to schedule an Ultherapy consultation. We can help you determine how many Ultherapy sessions you’ll need to achieve your ideal results, as well as answer any questions about what you can expect from the treatment process.

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